Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Today was my brother's last day in Portland. He heads back to finish up his spring break by sleeping and watching TV, and I stay here to finish my spring break with working everydayallday. (Minus maybe a small trip to the coast.) 

Having my brother in town means I sleep a lot more, work a little less, and laugh a little more. (As if I resort back to being a teenager when he's sleeping in the same place as me.) It also means I take pictures like the one's above and below. 

He's easy to entertain. He sort of just sits on the couch while you work. Also he downloads movies for you. 

Dropped him off at Union Station and walked away feeling pretty lonely. (It didn't help that I had left my iPod at home.) Siblings are a strange thing. You live with them for a lot of your life, and then boom! You move away from each other (literally and metaphorically) and come back together for these short periods of time. And then move away again. 

So I walked around the city for a bit, which was nice and springy. (It was the best kind of day today--cloudy but warm.) Tries (unsuccessfully) to find a good pair of black jeans. And then came home to an empty house.

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