Thursday, April 11, 2013

I will now attempt to write a post in which I am a bit more explanatory than usual. It might be long, but if you're one of those "visual" types you can just skip all the writing and look at the pictures ;)

First off, this is what setting up for orals looks like on the third day. A total disaster zone. 

Second, here is a video of me setting up, taken by Julia on Vine. (Side note: I am just getting started on Vine (on Steele's phone, since I still don't have an iPhone) but I like it so far.) 

Now on to the part where I talk about the actual opening of my show. The weekly orals show are a little confusing to explain. Basically, there is a big off-campus show around graduation, which we have titled 31•13. This show will have all 31 of us in it. But the orals weeks are set up to have 5-7 thesis students per week, in the gallery on campus. We set our thesis work up in the gallery for the week, there is an opening (which was last night! Day 310!) And we have our orals during the time it's set up. Orals are our oral defense for our thesis. Basically, a meeting with our committee. I'll meet with Mark & Phil, who have been advising me this year, and also Geo, who is my "blind" committee member, who hasn't seen my work at all. It's a critique, a discussion, a sort of in-depth review of my work both literally and conceptually. 

But! That is not happening until tomorrow (Day 312)! Last night was the public opening, so the snack tray was put out and people meandered through. 

It was awesome. I have been setting up this main piece, Autobiographies, for the past three days, and I honestly didn't know quite how it was going to come together. It's the nature of the piece, but a little nerve-wracking. There were so many moments where I second guessed myself. Lots of little insecurities building up. And it was truly awesome to have so many people congratulate me and comment on my piece. It's amazing when people understand and appreciate what you're doing. The piece is so simple that I was afraid people would pass it over or not think it was "enough" (Whatever the hell that means.) But I got quite a few people who liked it. (Including the elusive Abby McGhee, whose opinion I'm always a little nervous for.) Mark also said it was Fabulous, which is pretty great coming from him. I really only got about 4 hours of sleep the night before, so I kept yawning and when Phil hugged me I sort of collapsed into him. 

Anyways! Now onto the pictures! 

Afterwards we all went out for drinks and dinner, started getting a little nostalgic about everything, as it should be, I suppose. 

(edit--after my renumbering, this is day is actually day 300. Which has a nice symmetry to it. I wish I would have know, but at the same time, this day was still monumental either way. I had reached a landing point. But the thing with reaching landing points is, that you're not focused on the past. You are solely within the present. When that image was taken, I was not thinking of the previous 300 days. I was thinking of that day.) 

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