Thursday, April 11, 2013

Here is what the day after my orals opening entailed:

Waking up groggy.
Drinking a glass of orange juice.
Watching two episodes of Sex and the City.
Eating chocolate covered popcorn.
Then eating a bowl of cereal.
Browsing the internets for a while.
Getting ready to go.
(Which for some reason involved ironing a shirt.)
Making hurried coffee.
Walking to the bus real fast.
Sitting through a class.
(Which feels a little pointless at this point.)
Hanging out with Ali in the library.
(More internet browsing.)
Steele takes a nap, I read a new blog.
Making dinner with Steele.
And then watching The Hobbit.
(In celebration of him passing his orals!)
And I paint my nails.
And then post blogs.

And here we are.

Whew. Onto tomorrow.

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