Monday, April 22, 2013

Spent a bunch of time yesterday working on my website, which inexplicably cheered me up. Maybe it's because it's all so official looking?

Who knows.

Today was pretty straightforward. I forgot that I had to go to Newspace, and so was feeling excited/overjoyed by the weather, and then a tiny bit crestfallen when I remembered.

But it's okay, as usual. I rode my bike here and was very out of breath by the end of it. Even though it's only 3.5 miles. Although, is 3.5 miles a long time? I guess it will be 7 miles roundtrip. I am about to leave.

Oh biking at night. I can't wait to get home and sit on the couch, and maybe even watch an episode of LOST.

It would be even better if I had hot chocolate. Which I do not. But, if I ride my bike quick enough, I could, in theory, make it to the Fred Meyer before it's all closed up. And then I could purchase some!

Aren't you glad you guys get to hear all my boring, long, tiny little thoughts?

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