Friday, April 26, 2013

This morning I woke up early (on the wrong side of the bed, strangely enough.) And got up to go get donuts with Jules before her orals. Yum. Also yum to being out and about in the city at 7:30. (Read: not sarcasm.) I would like to get up earlier every day. I think I've said that one million times, however. 

I got up to school and meandered around for a bit and then went back down town to do a little shopping. 

My head and heart can't deal right now with the enormity of what graduation means, and all that is going on in my life. So instead I have become obsessed with what to wear to graduation. It's my way of not thinking about things, while still thinking about them. 

Anyways. I found a pair of black J Crew cafe capris at Buffalo for $20, so that was nice. Then got a simple black T at h&m because my staple one is getting holes in it. (The price you pay for buying $10 shirts.) I just can't justify spending $50+ on a simple jersey T though, when an h&m one is $10.... I mean, do the nicer ones really last that long... they're still jersey. 

You see what I mean? This is what's going on in my head right now. 

And will probably continue to be what's in my head for the next few days while I continue not coping with things. 

Oh ps, the donuts were from Blue Star Donuts. Go check 'em out.  A classy step-up from Voodoo. 


  1. I love these pictures :) The light in them is so soft.

    You will do wonderful and fulfilling things after you graduate.


    1. Thank you so much :) On both accounts.


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