Saturday, April 27, 2013

Today my dad and my brother stopped by on their way back to Colorado. My brother got out of school up in Seattle already! Although this thought is not as crazy when I realize I'm a mere 16 days away from also being done. 

And exactly one month until graduation. 

It was nice to have my dad and my brother here. 

Sometimes I feel like I have such a hard time remembering how I was in the past. And it leaves me with the sense that I've always been how I am, now. And I'll feel like that in another year, or five years, or ten years. I won't remembering feeling how I do now. So it's nice to be reminded of my past selves. Like, when my dad and brother are around. Or, when I'm listening to the music I listened to in high school. 

It's weird to just feel like you're speeding along and not moving at all. Actually maybe life feels a little bit like you're still, and everything is rushing past you. 

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