Monday, April 29, 2013

I seem to remember there being several points during this day that I thought, in the moment, that would make a good blog. I do not, however, remember any of them now, sitting here, at my computer at 11:47 pm. 

So instead you will get some rambling thoughts. 


How weird traveling is. Not just long-distance traveling. But that I could be on Belmont and 9th, and then all of the sudden be on Irving and 23rd. No time at all. Completely different world. 

And how I saw the mouse in our apartment today and he looked really cute. 

Also, Steele sang in the car to me today and it was quite nice. 

And when I took the first image in this post, the shadow of the trees was moving with the wind and it looked very beautiful. For some reason sun in the day in the apartment feels so comforting and Sunday-like. I think you guys all know what I mean. 

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