Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I took some photos today, that I want to share, but I left my camera at school on accident. And anyway, the photographs show a completely different world than how I ended my night, and it always feels a little strange to have a blog misrepresenting my day. And so have this little fragment of writing, frantically written on the bus ride home:

When you walk away and have that sinking feeling in your stomach and your heart is dropping to the ground at a thousand miles an hour. And you look up at the dusk sky and you know it's your own fault for feeling this way. Your own expectations not being met. But you set those expectations. You decided that. It was your foggy memory that forgot all those forehead kisses, those smiles, those hand squeezes. It was you who let the dusk sky crack like a bowl and spill your heartwater everywhere.


  1. Heartwater, what a lovely idea.

    Also on another note, have you changed your comment settings? Every time I try to leave a comment while on my iphone, it disappears. Weird.

    1. That's so strange! I haven't changed anything. Did you often leave comments on your phone before?


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