Friday, May 10, 2013

The bigger and more spread out my life gets, the more complex it gets. I'm like a city. At first, you could just build roads wherever you wanted. And then later, it becomes more populated, and all the sudden those roads get in the way of new roads, and intersections get messed up, and traffic is horrible.

When you're in a relationship with someone--anyone--things get tangled up in this mess. All the sudden all the roads are criss-crossing over each other, and you're longing for a wide straight road. A direct route. But you can't just have that. Layers keep piling onto each other, and is there every really any way to get back to the core?

Is there really a good way to plan a city? Is there really a good way to plan a life? Isn't a road always going to go right through a place, a building, a monument that you didn't want it to go through? Aren't you always going to be building up bridges to go over the mess beneath?

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