Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Today I gave my public presentation. It's sort of the last big "hurdle" before graduation. (Although considering I have to do an entirely new piece for the 31•13 opening, I still have a while to go before I'll feel completely done.) I think it went really well, at least a few people told me so, and I believed them.

I got to school to a BBQ going on in full force--faculty and students abound. Phil dropped his chips when he saw my hair, literally. Although "dropped his chips" sounds like a really good phrase to start using. Then Mark and Phil and I spent a good few minutes talking about what uses I could have found for my chopped hair. How I ended up with these two old men as my advisors, I still don't really know ;)

I walked into the studio to find it almost empty. Jules took her rug and her desk home, so now my side is just cluttered and hers is almost gone. Such an in-between stage, to everything right now. I'm really sad about the rug, honestly, I liked lying on it this year.

I am hoping to figure out a way to make a video of my powerpoint with voice over, and then all of you guys can watch my presentation! Sort of.

Anyways, it's been a long day, and Steele is waiting for me in bed, so while this blog might be a little unsatisfactory....



Welcome to right now.

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