Thursday, May 16, 2013

Here is some of what setting up an a final thesis exhibition looks like.

First & foremost, there are the people. Oh, there are people everywhere. People you know and love. People you have spent the past four years with. (Or at least, the past three.) No one is being called by their real name because everyone is just being called by a nickname of one sort of the other. Also, there is the space. It's a little grungy. Which is to say, there are a few very large ugly heaters hanging from the ceiling. And if you get on the scissor lift an ride up to the rafters, there are lots of things drilled in that don't quite make any sense. Also there is the scissor lift---this hulking ultramarine blue beast that rattles and somehow magically brings you up to the ceiling, and also does a nice contrast with Ruby's shoes. 

There's the dust on the floors from the walls being built. And then there's the walls, white and semi-glossy. 80% perfect walls on which to build a piece. On which I am building a piece. 

The status of my piece is, in the middle. There are whole sections that I just don't know about. I am having to squish the amount of work I would normally do over the course of a few weeks, in a few days. 2.5 days to be specific. Minus all the other things I have to do. 

But setting up the show has been a dream, really. A dream that comes with a little bit of drama, a little but of freaking out, a little bit of exhaustion and head pounding and saying the phrase, "I don't know" a million times over. 

But a dream, at the end of it all, a dream come true. 

Also there is some of this:

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