Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm sorry I don't have more (or any) pictures for you.

Day 337 was the opening of my off site thesis show. It was a crazy day which involved waking up early, making show tags, going to graduation rehearsal, having lunch with my dad and brother, and then the show itself. It was crazy, fun, rewarding. It was amazing to see how many people showed up. I wasn't taking any pictures, really, but there were many that I wished I had taken.

Like Spencer through the window before hand, smoking in white T-Shirt with a suit in a dry cleaning bag thrown over his shoulder. 

Ruby and Steve wearing caddy corner color pops, standing arm and arm. 

Phil grabbing my arm to tell me something about my piece, and then again when he buckled up his backpack to get on his bike. 

A full gallery from the outside.

Somewhere, there are so many pictures. Somewhere in the world. Just not on my computer, and not on my phone, and not on my camera. And I feel a little lost without them. I've just been so exhausted, and stressed, and sad, that all of the little moments I revel in have gotten lost down the drain. Friday night was a blur and I'm not sure I could accurately describe it, or remember it, or anything. I know these are the moments that I'll want to remember. But things don't really work out like that. We remember the littlest most insignificant things, and forget these big events beyond marking them on the timeline of our lives.

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