Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today Steele and I made some progress planning our trip :) We booked our tickets (finally!) and actually planned out some possible journeys. It's honestly still pretty unplanned which makes me a little nervous, but as long as I can channel those nerves into something productive I'll be fine. 

I have really felt, throughout planning this, that I'm just bumbling along. We should have started planning a while ago, but things were so busy and stressful that it just didn't feel good to plan and we forgot about it (or let ourselves put it off) a lot. So now here we are. With fewer options for some things, but we're able to work within our boundaries. 

Honestly the hardest part about planning this trip has been that Steele and I have been going through some trouble recently, as a couple, and it makes planning a trip for two a little stressful when we feel like we're on completely separate pages. There's this urge to make this trip so perfect that it will solve all our problems, which is obviously not going to happen, and puts a lot of pressure on it. We've just been doing what we can, working through it, and dealing with all of the facets of our lives all at the same time. 

Like grown-ups, I guess. 

Even though I feel so far away from being a grown-up. 

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