Saturday, June 1, 2013

Today we deinstalled the show. Took all my images down. Pulled all the pins out, unstrung all the string, left all the text written on the wall. Little fragments that don't match up. They don't connect anymore.

It is strange to not have something in front of me. To not have this self-righteous show to prepare for. There's just something so certain about putting together a thesis show. But now, I don't have that. I just keep thinking about an episode of America's Next Top Model. It was a reunion episode, and there was an interview with the girl who won the first season. She was talking about how when she won, she just expected all of this success to come her way and it didn't and she was pissed as hell and sent an angry email Tyras way. 

Maybe that's how I feel, a little. Like, wait, I just won America's Next Top Model. I want to be the TOP MODEL. Where's my badge that proclaims me an artist? Where's my solo show? Hmm?

Of course. Of course, I don't expect that. 

These days are my introduction to the real world. The world wherein I do not have a thesis show pushing me forward. The world in which I have to push myself forward, motivate myself, and grow on my own. 

I really like all these images of Ruby. She's very photographable. I'm not sure what it is about this one. The color palette. The ladder. Symmetry and asymmetry. Gray and gray and grey blue and slate and warm grey. All those greys and grays. I love it. 

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