Sunday, June 2, 2013

I just had a little argument in my head about what we pay less attention to--the space below us or the space above us. It's a strange thing, but we exist in this weird little 6 foot tall band of space. Or in my case, a 5 foot and three inches tall band of space.

I wonder if it's why there are so many photographers who just simply rotate their photographs, so the sky is facing downward and the whole space is confused. Because it's a way to get out of that typical band of space we inhabit.

Or, it just looks cool. ;)

I'd like to look at the sky more. And look at the ground more. And observe all those tiny little things, those things that aren't in my precise band of space.

Things like, the strangeness of the symmetry of flowers. And what magical things can happen when you simply mirror a photograph.

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