Monday, June 3, 2013

I spent most of today in a coffee shop with Rubes, working on my website and drinking blissfully cheap drip coffee. The website, as you might notice, has a new little circle link on the homepage. It is done. I say done knowing, of course, that it will be an ever evolving thing. 

I can't believe I have a website. Or rather, I can't believe it's taken me so long to make it a reality. 

It always seemed like such a big hurdle. Like it would tip me into the world, professional photographer.  That's not quite the case, obviously. Just as I successfully jumped that hurdle a dozen more seem to have appeared in front of me. Namely, what I will do for work. 

The wonderful thing about getting an education from OCAC is that it lets you focus, 100% on your own art. In the best sense. It's sometimes isolating, but mostly you get to spend so much time in your own head that at the end of it, you know how your brain works. You know how you work through problems and what your weaknesses are and what your strengths are. 

The terrible thing about getting an education from OCAC is that at the end of it, you have been in your own head for four years. The real world is fast approaching and despite that good old class, Professional Practices, it kind of seems like the real world is about to slam into you hard, run over you, and never let you get back up. 

To be dramatic. 

Anyways, the point, the website. Right. Well it is there, now, it exists, it is a real thing. I would love for you (yes, you) to look at it and enjoy it. It is a tiny tiny selection of the ever-growing archives. 

And of course, feedback is appreciated and welcome. I'd like it to be as clean and clear as possible and so any comments are good and useful. 


(Look, how official.)


  1. Your website looks beautiful! I love the clean, engaging way you used your installation shots from your thesis project on the front page. It leaves me wanting to see more....just as it should! Nice work! I'll look more soon and give you more feedback, but first impression is very impressive.

  2. Your work is beautiful and honest and so is your website. I wouldn't change a single thing.


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