Thursday, June 6, 2013

Finally starting packing and going through things today. I found this photo strip that I thought I lost a few years ago. I remembering getting it out of the machine and being a little bummed that the top photo was over exposed, but now I really like it. 

Packing up your life is such a strange experience. We define ourselves by stuff. Our objects, our letters, our photographs. All of these sentimental things that we hold onto. Or I hold onto, in this case. A part of me wants to just let this stuff go, to be the person who has only a hundred possessions. But I do love these things that I have picked and surrounded myself with. 

We'll see how it goes, in the next few days. My biggest challenge is sorting through papers--notes, letters, images, school things. I have to decide what it's worth to keep. What I should hold onto. Romantically, I have the thought that it would be nice to have only a single suitcase of sentimental papers. My mom had a suitcase full of them. Of course, she also had a dozen boxes additionally.


  1. I like this, makes a nice analogy of life becoming more real. imho


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