the book heart: no. 1 (man walks into a room + the solitude of prime numbers)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I just spent the past week traveling by car from Portland back to Colorado, where I'll be spending the rest of June. Car rides for me mean a few things--napping, reading, and staring out the window. These are two of the books I managed to read on the drive over: Man Walks Into A Room by Nicole Krauss, The Solitude of Prime Numbers by Paolo Giordano.

This is not a book review. I don't really want to rehash the plots in any specific details. I just want some record that these books deserve and hold a place in my heart. I could give you some quotes here, because both of these authors do such a wonderful job of describing small moments. But I won't. What happens with me, with a good book, is that all the details melt together and form a single sensation. I would highly recommend both or either of them. They both moved quickly and were quiet and introspective without being boring.

And of course, if you guys have any further recommended reading, I'd love suggestions. Next on my list is The Infinite Tides by Christian Kiefer and Death Without Interruptions by Jose Saramago. 

(The book heart is a place books go when they move you. It’s a place for you to keep all of those books, all of those plots and stories and all of those little moments. This is a series I will be starting chronicling the books that have become a part of me. I hope you'll enjoy, and that maybe these books can become a part of you as well.) 


  1. Hope you like my book, The Infinite Tides, Brittany.

  2. Last year one of my favorite books was The History of Love by Nicole Krauss, so I'll definitely check out Man Walks into a Room! I really enjoy that you're going to be keeping us up to date on your reads! I've often thought of doing something of the same!


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