On Brunch and Deliberate Acts

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Brunch is something I've written about a few times on the blog. It started as a way for Ali, Julia, and I to get together before working on our thesis papers. We would make this brunch, and hash out the gossips of the weekend, and then spend a few hours in a cafe or on Julia's porch working on our papers.

Sundays quickly became this little pocket of joy, every week. I live (lived, another blog post about my recent move soon) about a ten minute walk away from Julia's house so I would always leave right before I needed to be there, and grab some flowers on the way, and show up to Jules in the kitchen getting everything ready. We usually decided what to make beforehand. Sometimes it was elaborate, sometimes it was simple. But always beautiful because the life we live is beautiful and something that has grown out of my friendship with Jules is an even bigger appreciation for taking the time to make the  small details beautiful and deliberate.

Two weeks ago we had brunch on a Saturday, because Steele and I were leaving early the next day. Jules had things started and I picked some green hydrangeas on my ways over, and walked in and entered the pocket of joy. We decided to make eggs benedict, which means, Jules decided to make eggs benedict. Jules has an amazing way in the kitchen. She pays as much attention to making a hollandaise sauce as she does balancing three panes of glass against each other. Usually Ali and I just kind of hang around. Ali always makes the drinks and cuts the fruit. And I take the pictures. (These particular photographs were taken with 35mm film.)

And even though this post is written in the past tense, and these Sunday brunches were one of the best parts of my past year, I know they will continue. I will live in a different place and maybe it will take longer to get there. We won't be working on our thesis papers and the events we're rehashing won't be about school. But there's more holding us together. Those things aren't the glue. 

This deliberate act is the glue. 

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