Summer Adventure No. 1: Film

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I impulsively decided to make a film of our adventure. Film is not my strong suit. I tend to hold a video camera and record something still for 20 seconds. Basically, just making a photograph. But I love the idea of having a little home movie for each of these adventures I go on. So, this is my real first attempt.

Like with anything, it is not objective. This tiny film would have been so much different had Ali been shooting and editing it, or if Steele had been. This is our adventure through my lens.


  1. Oh gosh those landscapes are so stunning. I want to be there.

    1. That's funny, because I'm headed to Europe tomorrow :)

  2. I love how similar this video is to your photographs. The stillest of videos, and perfectly setting the mood.


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