Summer Adventure No. 1: Photographs

Friday, June 28, 2013

Below are some images from my recent trip back to Colorado from Oregon. Ali came along with Steele and I and we lengthened the trip from it's average two days. Traveling by car is such a strange thing. You are in a little bubble moving through landscapes. It's even stranger when you're only the passenger. You can go to sleep, or read a book for a while, and wake up in a completely different world. I suppose that's true of all travel. 

We drove down through Oregon, spent a night with a good friend in Ashland, and then made our way to San Francisco for an afternoon, followed by a stay in Salt Lake City, and then finally a last night spend in Canyonlands, Utah. Then a day drive back into Colorado.

I was glad to make the trip last longer. Coming home is a process that I go through better slowly. You have to fit yourself back into the person you are when you're home. It's a bittersweet sensation, being in that old shell of a person. There's small comfort in knowing things are the same, but there's an equal sense of panic. Like no matter what, things are going to be here, unchanging. It's a sense of defeat, that you yourself will never be able to change. And then in the next moment you can be standing on the pine needle covered ground and feel so solidly that this place will always be a part of you. That you belong here. Homecoming. 

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