the book heart: no. 2 (a simple machine, like the lever)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I picked up A Simple Machine, Like the Lever, by Evan P. Schneider in Powell's one day. I brought it to the cafe and read the beginning and debated about buying it for a while. Then I got to a passage which described the act of riding your bike at night, under the streetlights, and how your shadow appears again and again. 

The book is now in storage, or I would quote directly. But, I did buy it. That passage sealed the deal for me as I had always noticed that when I rode my bike at night and never expected to find such a beautiful description of it.

I read it slowly, which for me is a feat. I read a chapter every morning while I ate breakfast. It's a book, ultimately, about appreciating the small parts of life. I won't rehash the plot. But the language is beautiful and the main character is full of dry humor.

Has anyone else read it?

(The book heart is a place books go when they move you. It’s a place for you to keep all of those books, all of those plots and stories and all of those little moments. This is a series I will be starting chronicling the books that have become a part of me. I hope you'll enjoy, and that maybe these books can become a part of you as well.) 

From the body of my Pentax

Monday, July 8, 2013

These are some photographs of the past few months of my life. The space, our emptying apartment, some small moments from our adventure to Colorado. The first one is Ali in a neon shop a few months ago, picking up a piece for her thesis. I forgot about the film and months later went to load a new roll, opening my camera up, and exposed this roll. Quite beautiful. A photograph blasted away by the sun. 

Adventure No. 2, begins today.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Today's the day we leave for our trip.  

Steele and I will be flying to London, staying with his relatives for a week, and then exploring Europe by train for the rest of July. We end in Lisbon, Portugal for a week and fly home August 1st. 

Maybe one day when we get back I will write a whole post about traveling and planning. For now I will leave you with these tidbits:

Firstly, most importantly, I will not be shooting with my digital camera. I'm bringing my trusty old Pentax, equipped with a new 35mm lens. And 20 rolls of film. I am looking forward to getting back, developing my film, and being able to relive it all over again. The images will be stronger because I haven't been able to see them. I know this from years of practice shooting 35mm. I treasure the smallest most insignificant moments on film. Moments and images that I might not ever look at again if I had a digital image of them. Time makes all photographs important. Even the small amount of time between shooting a frame and developing the film.

I'm not knocking digital. They are both valid and important mediums to me. I don't believe film is somehow better than digital. Just that it is incredibly different. More different then is apparent right away. 

I am begrudgingly bringing my digital camera, because there is one specific series of images I want to shoot that I can only shoot digital for. I am not bringing extra memory cards, or my computer. My digital camera will remain for the most part in my backpack. 


Blog posts will be few. Facebook will be few. I will however, be posting to Instagram. My name there is brittanyvchavez if you care to follow me. 

I have scheduled a few posts for the first week so it's not totally empty around here.