Adventure No. 2, begins today.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Today's the day we leave for our trip.  

Steele and I will be flying to London, staying with his relatives for a week, and then exploring Europe by train for the rest of July. We end in Lisbon, Portugal for a week and fly home August 1st. 

Maybe one day when we get back I will write a whole post about traveling and planning. For now I will leave you with these tidbits:

Firstly, most importantly, I will not be shooting with my digital camera. I'm bringing my trusty old Pentax, equipped with a new 35mm lens. And 20 rolls of film. I am looking forward to getting back, developing my film, and being able to relive it all over again. The images will be stronger because I haven't been able to see them. I know this from years of practice shooting 35mm. I treasure the smallest most insignificant moments on film. Moments and images that I might not ever look at again if I had a digital image of them. Time makes all photographs important. Even the small amount of time between shooting a frame and developing the film.

I'm not knocking digital. They are both valid and important mediums to me. I don't believe film is somehow better than digital. Just that it is incredibly different. More different then is apparent right away. 

I am begrudgingly bringing my digital camera, because there is one specific series of images I want to shoot that I can only shoot digital for. I am not bringing extra memory cards, or my computer. My digital camera will remain for the most part in my backpack. 


Blog posts will be few. Facebook will be few. I will however, be posting to Instagram. My name there is brittanyvchavez if you care to follow me. 

I have scheduled a few posts for the first week so it's not totally empty around here. 

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