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Saturday, August 10, 2013

It was like.... 

Denver > Chicago > London > Kings Lynn > London > Dover > Calais > Paris > Lyon > Geneva > Milan > Genova > Marseille > Cassis > Marseille > Madrid > Lisbon > Newark > Denver > Portland

Not to get to intense, or anything. 

I will not be sharing something from every place we went, because, that would be crazy and also ruin the magic of things I think. However, if you want to see a little bit from every bit, I highly recommend checking out my VSCO grid: 

Most of the edited (edited with the VSCO app) photos live on the grid. If you use the little magnifying glass you can search by tag, and there is a tag for every place we spent significant time at. (Though even significant time equates to only a few hours in some places.) 

I also shot film while in Europe. In fact, I shot only 35mm film and iPhone photos. So, right now I'm working with the phone photos, but I will be getting my film processed and scanned in the coming weeks, and will then have some new things to post. 

Mostly, I don't want this blog to be an endless sea of images with no meaning. Everything blurs together and things are already leaving me, and I want to use this blog to capture some memories and keep them. And you can't capture everything. My memories and brain are scattered and so posts about Europe will be scattered. There are things I know I want to write about and things I know I could never do justice by writing about and things I don't yet know I'll remember and things I've already forgotten. 

So for now have this feeble map and use your imagination while I sort through my memories. 

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