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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Recently I've been feeling like I understand what it is to own a song. How hearing it can fold time in on itself over and over until all the versions of yourself that ever listened to it are layered on top of each other. And you feel like you know yourself better for it.

I've posted about Rhye on this blog before, a little side note about a precise moment their song, Open was playing in my ears. It was the second day of setting up for my orals and I was laying on the gallery floor looking up at the sky. It filled me up. And then, another version of me was listening to it on the bus going over the river, and another version of me was listening to it driving in Steele's car on the way back to Colorado. And still another version of me was sitting in a theater while the band played onstage and I was sitting in the dark, listening to this amazing show, just waiting to hear this song that had played in my ears while I was so many people.

Ali took me to their show as a late birthday present, an experience for us both. They played Open second to last, and when the opening notes started I felt like I might cry. I felt like I had gone back in time and stretched out on the gallery floor and looked at myself from a few months ago and pressed my own palm against my own chest. I am myself I am myself I am myself I am myself I am myself. It was like a mantra running through me. How is it that a song had ended up my marker in time? As long as I was listening to this song, as long as I am listening to this song, I feel like I'll know something about myself that runs deep.

Ali introduced me to this song. I'm on of those tag-a-long music friends, who you introduce to something and suddenly that's all they listen to. But somehow, for once, that doesn't negate the sensation of it belonging to me. I think that's why I've always been timid in this feeling of owning a song. But something about this one just snuck in and attached itself to me despite.

Since the show I've bought the whole album and I know it's going to be something that brings me back myself again and again, if that makes sense.

They're both worth more than a listen. Listen to them. Let them belong to you too. 

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