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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Driving a car makes me feel a kind of kin-ship with other car drivers. I've been driving Ali's Jeep and whenever I see another Jeep I just kind of feel like saying, "Yeah, I know you." Also, convertibles. The Jeep has no doors and no roof, which is problematic for rain but makes you feel awesome. So whenever I see another convertible I feel like, "Yeah, I also know you."

Today I walked out of Albertsons, whereupon I had picked up some dinner ingredients. (And might have employed that trick where you pick up an heirloom tomato, then go to self-checkout and weigh it as a standard, non-organic, plain tomato and it costs you less? I'm unsure if I should feel ashamed or proud.)

So, I walked outside and parked right next to me was woman with a silver pixie cut sitting in a silver convertible Mercedes. We were one and the same. I hopped up into my jeep and she pointed to my hair and said she liked it. I nodded and turned the car on and put it in reverse. Feeling awesome. And made my way to the front of the parking lot, and looked to my left, and decided to go in front of a guy who was going slow, and turned, and


My heart is in my chest and my cheeks get red and I look, at last, to the right, where there is mildly annoyed man in a black car who has just honked at me.

The whole thing takes less than five seconds and it wasn't even a close call, but I'm left to drive away wondering why it is that sometimes when something like that happens, even though you're totally caught off guard, it seems like your body knew a split second in advance what was going to happen.

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