a montana weekend & thoughts on adventure photography

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I just got back from a weekend spent (mostly) in a car, driving to Montana, for AJ's wedding. It was a quick trip spent with a few of my closest friends. A little blur. But a lot of laughter. A lot more on AJ's wedding later, that is a whole blog post in it's own, especially since I did the photographs. 

Some thoughts on photographing while on a trip: (Or photographing at all, for that matter.)

I've spent a lot of time weighing the pros and cons of photographing while you're on an adventure. Because, on one hand, you will be documenting the adventure. But on the other, you might be missing out on some moments because you're too busy trying to stand a camera on a random pole in a field. I've set the scale and written my lists and looked inside my head and heart. And for me, it is worth it to photograph these moments.

I sometimes worry people might get annoyed that I spend more time behind the camera (or behind the phone, in this case) but I am glad to have collected these moments. And yeah, it may be a little bit of a process getting four people in a one hand-held selfie. But I'm really glad to have these pictures because honestly, there are very few pictures with all of us in them. There are many images from this tiny three day span, there are a million more moments that were left unphotographed. And I cherish those just as well. 

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