summer adventure no. 3: film

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I wanted to take another adventure, swimming, or hiking, or something. But instead I have for you 30 seconds of aimless wandering around this city that I am homeless in. Homeless in the least menacing way of the word--that is, I have a roof over my head, just not a home. Steele and I have been house hunting for about three weeks now with increasingly bad luck.

It's a strange thing. Portland has in the past felt so mine. Like it was completely my city, my place to inhabit. But not having a home really throws that feeling. I end up wandering around, no place to really go, sort of feeling like an imposter in my own city. It is wearing, to be honest, and a lot of August has been spent overwhelmed and sad.

But there have been good things too. I have gotten to reconnect with all of my people here: Julia, Ali, Molly, Ruby, Nick. And my brother visited on his way up to school, and it's pretty hard to be depressed around Brandon because he says ridiculous things like, "I love a good female vocalist. Just a girl and her piano."

So I made this tiny video even though it is disjointed and short. These Summer adventure films make me really happy and I think I will continue them into fall. Fall adventures, and Winter adventures, and Spring adventures! That is just a tentative commitment to myself.


 if you missed the other installments, here's summer adventure no. 1 & summer adventure no. 2

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