the book heart: no. 4 (young adult fiction)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So this is not so much a post about a specific book, but a tribute to the young adult books that live in my heart. Sometimes people scoff a little bit when I tell them I read young adult fiction. But I do. And some of it is among my favorite fiction around. 

Maybe it's because I actually am closer in age to the characters in these books. Maybe it's because I've been lucky enough to discover some authors who use language in such beautiful ways (Kristin Cashore, hello.) Or because some of these books helped me through high school and then through college. (I am having my very own Jessica Darling post-college aimless panic attack.) Or because they make me laugh and cry without pretension. Or because they're riveting and exciting and have characters that are deep and real. 

I suspect I will be reading this genre long into adulthood, and I will be happier for it. It's true, there's a lot of bad young adult fiction. But also, there is a lot of bad fiction in general. Just like everything, there are a few diamonds hidden in there. These are some of mine. 

What's your favorite young adult book?

(The book heart is a place books go when they move you. It’s a place for you to keep all of those books, all of those plots and stories and all of those little moments. This is a series chronicling the books that have become a part of me. I hope you'll enjoy, and that maybe these books can become a part of you as well.) 

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  1. I like the Giver series, and many, many other young adult fiction! I read Why We Broke Up this year, and it was all the hype made it out to be, and I adored the illustrations so much. I highly recommend it.


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