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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In September I had the pleasure of shooting my first wedding. For my good friend AJ (or, Alissa, if you'd like to be all proper :) You might remember I shot their engagement photos last February. Like I said in that post, I'm not sure if this is where my future in photography is headed, but doing it for people I know and love is awesome. (And stressful, oh man is it stressful. Props to all the wedding photographers out there.) 

The images below are a very small sampling. This is not a wedding photography blog and I don't intend to show the whole event. Just a few of my favorites, a little flavor of the day. It was an intimate wedding at his parents beautiful home in Montana, where they're both from. It was such a lovely event, as the photographer and as a guest. As long as I've known AJ she's been head over heels for Jon, so it was quite emotional seeing them finally married. 

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  1. Beautiful! I see you and your style in all of these photographs, which is something I fear as I myself have been journeying farther into the category of wedding photographer. I think if you choose to take that route, you would do very well!


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