light leaks

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Can we just talk about the phrase "light leaks" for a moment? I never really considered it, it's always just been a part of my photography vocabulary. But it's a beautiful phrase, and a beautiful thing to imagine: light, leaking. It makes light seem like something that's liquid. Something that can fill the cracks. (Which, of course, it can.)

It took me forever to finish this roll, almost three months. Which maybe isn't the longest time, for someone. But for me it is. The thing is, I kept forgetting there was film in my camera. So I kept opening it up to put a new roll in, and I would be met with that slippery plastic already stretched across the inside of my camera. 

But I'm actually so glad. In this case light didn't leak, it blasted it's way in, full force. Obliterating whole frames entirely, and coating the rest in a lovely red flare. 

Looking at some of this images, some of which were shot many months ago, I'm so thankful for my life. Outside of school, it's easy for every day to feel the same. Days bleed into each other. But these images have shocked me out of that feeling, for a moment. Reminded me that every day holds it's own small surprises and gifts. They remind me, blessedly, that every day is not the same. 

As long as I can hold onto that sensation, remember to revel in the small moments of surprise, I think I'll be alright. 

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  1. I have to say that I love light leaks too…they can really transform an image into something you never imagined. Yay for film!


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