moon story

Monday, October 14, 2013

The moon came out and said hello. It appeared, a great yellow eye, pulling us forward in the dark. 

Between two mountains the moon hung. And it seemed to say, I know you. I know your small clutched fears. I know the precise saltiness of your tears. I know how you lay in bed every night watching the street lamps through the curtains. 

The moon said all of this silently. 

And we were on the dark road. The crackle of music filling the car. Each of our inhales and exhales merging with notes that played from the speakers by our feet. In between songs there was the whirring of tires on pavement. 

Then the moon went behind a mountain and our worlds shrunk. No longer looking past the horizon to that yellow orb, our eyes rested only on the dashing lines disappearing, one after the other, under us. 

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