Friday, November 29, 2013

I could easily list a hundred things I'm thankful for. I could go off into tangents, like being thankful for lists (which help me organize my feelings and thoughts and needs and plans) or being thankful for words (they're so magical!) or this blank box, for allowing me a little outlet.

So instead I will try to simplify it into a few big ones.

>I'm thankful for the people in my life. This means, Steele, who holds me together day in and day out. My parents and brother, who are my foundation. And my friends who fill in the cracks and provide me with motivation, inspiration, and laughter.

>I'm thankful for the opportunities I've been given and the tools I have available to me. The jobs I hold, and the skills I've gained over the past few years here.

>I'm thankful for this city that I've grown to call my own.

>I'm thankful for my home. For having a place to come back to every night, a place to maintain, and clean, and make my own. A kitchen to cook in and a bed to sleep in. Rooms to relax in and walls to decorate and windowsills to fill with little knickknacks. For my plant in the bedroom which continues to grow, and for the rug in my living room, and for the shelf above my stove. For all of the little details that make this apartment a home.

>And most of all, I'm thankful for light, which wraps around all the things I love and makes them real to me, light which gives them form. I'm thankful for the pure white light that filters in through my bedroom in the mornings, and the golden sunlight that cuts across the western hills at sunset. Where there is light, for me, there is happiness.

happy tuesday + life update

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's my day off! Yay Tuesday. Above are some images from the past week. Now, onto the words. Here's a little bit of a life update:

>I've been working two jobs. One at a flower shop, and a retail position at Danner Boots. Both have so far been good. Neither use my degree, of course, but that's okay as I really don't know what I want to do in the long run. For now it's enough to be working and figuring things out.
>Between that, and mine and Julia's blog Common Rituals, things have been busy. Julia and I recently hosted an event for Kinfolk, and there were a few days there where sleep was not to be found and stress levels were a little high.
>The Holiday season is coming up, and I don't know why, but it always makes me feel so productive. I have lots of things bouncing around in my head. Lots of things I'd like to focus on.
>Such as: writing, beginning the journey of fiction writing.
>Photographing, more than just daily stuff. Story telling with imagery.
>Learning Lightroom, Indesign, and Illustrator! (Which I have recently acquired.)
>Cooking and eating healthy. Now that I'm working I spend more time away from my kitchen which means I need to transition into packing lunches again.
>Blogging here!

just up and dissipated

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Life is strange, this blog is strange, this fog is strange, photography is strange. 

The other day I was walking to a meeting with Julia and a piece of paper blew past us on the street and I wondered aloud what was on it. And Jules said that was such a Brittany thing to wonder. Now that, in it's own, is strange. 

Anyways, back to the fog. Ali was over last night and when she left, there was a weird fog all throughout the Fred Meyer parking lot that we live next to. And so I slipped into some shoes, and went to take pictures. It was so erie and beautiful and I thought, maybe I would take some portraits (some far away portraits, mind you.) So I went back inside to grab Steele but when we came out a few minutes later (after I persuaded him to put his shoes on, cause being a boy you cannot simply 'slip' into shoes) the fog was gone. 

Just up and dissipated. 

So fleeting, that fog. Of course it is, it's fog. 

I'm glad I went out for a brief moment and at least captured these things. Fog makes light solid, which is funny because all that's solid is the fog. Which is more funny. But it makes light appear, a real things, rays cutting off of branches and coming down in cones from street lights. 

Now I'm just rambling. 

it's fall winter

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The leaves are dying, the clouds are coming, and the pine trees are here to stay.

oh, the possibilities

Friday, November 8, 2013

How about, I sit here and describe to you the light coming in through my living room windows. The delicious sound of the heater blowing hot air around. That comfort sound. I could describe that to you. Maybe make an analogy, relate it back to my childhood, memory, nostalgia.


Or I could describe to you the way I made my bed this morning, walking around and tucking the sheet in and fluffing the pillows.


I could tell you how I woke up early, and drove Steele to work. Drove Steele to work! That is another detail I could share here--the fact that I have a newly acquired skill for driving a manual car. I could tell you how it feels to be driving on the highway alone, in Steele's car. (A car I have spent the better part of the past five years in, but a car that I have never been inside of alone until the past two days.)


We could go over how it feels to be sitting in my kitchen, no lights on because the overhead lights are abhorrent and somehow turning them on dims the beautiful cloud-light coming in through all the windows around me.


Or, I mean, I suppose we could write a list. I could give you a factual life update. (Maybe this is much needed? I don't know...)


I could write something real, something raw. Something that touches upon the very bones of humanity and speaks about insecurities, and being a real person with fears and doubts and that lingering sensation--regret. 


And then, of course, I could always just fill this space with photographs. Images from the past few days. Or maybe I could dig in my archives, publish a set of pictures that haven't been seen, that have been buried in my picture files. I could do that.


There are so many things. There are so many ways.


Oh so many ways.