just up and dissipated

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Life is strange, this blog is strange, this fog is strange, photography is strange. 

The other day I was walking to a meeting with Julia and a piece of paper blew past us on the street and I wondered aloud what was on it. And Jules said that was such a Brittany thing to wonder. Now that, in it's own, is strange. 

Anyways, back to the fog. Ali was over last night and when she left, there was a weird fog all throughout the Fred Meyer parking lot that we live next to. And so I slipped into some shoes, and went to take pictures. It was so erie and beautiful and I thought, maybe I would take some portraits (some far away portraits, mind you.) So I went back inside to grab Steele but when we came out a few minutes later (after I persuaded him to put his shoes on, cause being a boy you cannot simply 'slip' into shoes) the fog was gone. 

Just up and dissipated. 

So fleeting, that fog. Of course it is, it's fog. 

I'm glad I went out for a brief moment and at least captured these things. Fog makes light solid, which is funny because all that's solid is the fog. Which is more funny. But it makes light appear, a real things, rays cutting off of branches and coming down in cones from street lights. 

Now I'm just rambling. 


  1. um...one of the reasons i buy my shoes is so i can simply slip them on


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