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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


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What a year. It feels like a year that was sliced cleanly down the middle. Separating my life in school from my life outside of school. When I went back to find these images I found myself being shocked by the images I was finding. Shocked that those things actually happened this same year. 

It sounds cliched, but so many things happened in 2013. I graduated college. I completed a thesis. Steele and I moved out of our first apartment together and traveled Europe. I faced unemployment. I transitioned into real life. I formed and kept close friendships. Sometimes the stress of it all overwhelmed me, as it is always wont to do. I am really still a child growing into the shell of adulthood. But maybe I'll always be that way. Maybe it always feels that way. 

I have many plans and goals. But that is for the next week. For now, I will celebrate this past year and marvel at all the beautiful things I saw. 

So here we go, by months. 

January, Colorado

February, our kitchen table

March, in the field of the thesis building

April, at the coast celebrating our thesis defenses 

May, picking Crrr up from the airport for graduation and our thesis exhibition

June, in Canyonlands on our way home
July, in Cassis, France
August, swimming with Max

September, in our new home

October, words and leaves

November, Thanksgiving day light

December, our sixth anniversary

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  1. Ohh, I love this idea! I feel like my year was sliced down the middle, too. Whew, what a life. Hope you had a good new years!


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