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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

So here is that post. It's coming up. It's the post in which I admit, with just a hint of shame, how hard this is. 

Lets be honest here for a second. I haven't had the experience of working nearly everyday, and coming home. I haven't had the experience of balancing work, and my passions, and keeping the house clean, and feeding myself something other than cereal. All while trying not to become passionless, and uninspired, and haggard. 

It's hard and I have so far to go. I'm still learning so much, about other people and about myself. And I hope to grow into the person I want to be. I hope to motivate myself enough for the growing. 

So, in true Brittany form, I have decided to make a list. Some intentions for December, before 2014 hits. Truth be told the list could be much longer, but for realities sake I must keep it short. 

>Spend time blogging (This sounds big, but I don't need this space to be a perfect, styled life. I just want to commit to posting more regularly. And what this really comes down to is taking time out of my day to reflect and write.)

>Clean every day (Even just working a full week I've noticed how much harder it is to have the dishes done, and the floor swept, and the clothes put away. But a messy space makes for a messy mental state, for me, and so I know it's important to clean a little every day.)

>Enjoy the holidays (The holiday season is one of my favorites and I want to make sure I cherish it. This means making every day a little special, taking the time to do a few big things like picking a tree, going light-seeing, and making gingerbread houses!)

>Focus on Common Rituals (This is a big and daunting task. There is a lot to be done there and I need to break it down to not lose my mind. But it's something that I want to focus energy on, and not let myself get too overwhelmed.) 

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