a one hundred percent ordinary day

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Today was a completely, one hundred percent, ordinary day. I don't even have any moments to tell you about, like waking up early and enjoying being productive. The sky was cloudy today so I can't write about the sunrise as I drove to work. And though there were puddles pooled in the parking lot of my building, I left with too little time to stop and stare down in them, so no musing of the my reflection will be had. 

Instead I woke late, clamored out of bed with a sleeping Steele beside me, and put the kettle on to boil. (Before washing my face, this matter of timing is a small victory in the habit of my morning routine.) I dressed, choosing the socks I would wear (chunky or invisible?) and put my shoes on. I like to clack around the apartment in the morning, imagining I'm a busy business woman off for a day at the office, very important things. 

Next, after a drive to work, the sky like a blanket, comes eight hours we can subtract from today. Those hours are spent at a desk with a few precious breaks in-between. Like a person who goes to work in an office, my days are spent: typing, taking, gossiping, reading, sighing. I'm reading a book right now that makes my stomach hurt with the issues of human morality, and somehow that makes the slightly boring everyday conversations required of me more cherished. It baffles me how many humans exist. And not just as numbers, but as people. How strange and obvious. 

Everyday at precisely 2:30 I feel so motivated. I think, only two hours left and then I will be free to do all the things I want to do. I think I will go home and sit at my desk and I will be so productive. And then 4:30 comes along and I trudge out and sit in my car almost wishing I could just sleep or sit before turning the key and making the drive back. And then I arrive home and all I want to do is eat cocoa puffs straight out of the box and sit on the couch. 

But Steele and I made a dinner of steak and potatoes, such a one hundred percent ordinary dinner. We even ate while in front of the TV. I know it sounds kind of sad and pedestrian, this boring ordinary dinner. But that's okay, because despite what it seems, every day is not exactly the same. And this Wednesday is not like any other Wednesday, and will never be like any other Wednesday. 

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