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Thursday, January 2, 2014

We build up the New Year to be such a big thing. When truly, it’s just another day, another piece of the week, of the month, of the year. But it’s how you think about things that make them. If you build up this day, it becomes something more than just another day. It becomes a fresh start, a clean slate. It becomes a new page with nothing written on it. No blemishes. Not smudge marks or creases or stray words.

I know this fresh start, this clean slate, this new page isn't really new or clean or pure at all. I still woke up New Years morning with all the same flaws as the day before. But there's something inspiring about so much mental energy being put towards making our lives better. 

I'm just a sucker for resolutions. For lists and plans and goals. When I start making them I can get out of hand. When I sit down and think about all the things I'd like to change about my life, the list gets long. Lots of things appear on it like:

Wake up early
Blog more
Photograph more
Cook healthy lunches
No more binge watching TV
Spend less money
And on
And on
And on

These lists aren't realistic. They're all valid things. I would definitely like to do these things. But I can't make a list of resolutions like this. 

So instead I'd like to make a resolution that is broad, that sums up all of these little goals. I love the idea behind Elise Blaha's one word for the year. And I started thinking, if I had just one word for 2014, what it would be.

Positivity means not being afraid to stretch my limits. Positivity means forming dreams without hesitation. Positivity means making sure my daily life matches my long term goals: filling the cracks of my day with writing and photography and cooking. Positivity means not allowing myself to fall into a slump; which is helped by waking up early, and eating healthier. It means all of the things in my list above, except with less emphasis on more and more emphasis on my state of mind. 

Of course, I have plans and goals, and will make more. Right now I have three big specific ones:

1. Take the time to shoot a portrait of Steele & I once a month. (It's sad and surprising how few portraits there are of us together from recently.)
2. Continue to make the monthly adventure videos, with vigor and excitement. 
3. Cleaning out my hard drives. (This probably requires a whole post of it's own, so I'll leave it at that for now.)

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