into stillness

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Driving at night is beautiful, 
and peaceful.

The way you pass seamlessly one freeway to another

like hands loping gracefully through the air.
One gesture sweeping into the next,
without hesitation.

It's also the way you let your momentum carry 
through the curves
The sheer physical force of the car's motion is abstract

You're flying, really

And it's the way you go fast 
as long as possible. 
Waiting until you're almost upon the stoplight to apply the brakes

And then that backward push 

as the car settles into stillness.


  1. A lovely mood to this. I knew you had a way with words...

    I've started writing poetry recently too...I love that as long as I have a notebook with me, I can do it pretty much anywhere.

    Have you ever heard of Stephen Fry, a British actor and general genius of the written word? He's written a brilliant book on writing poetry...the ode less travelled.... Heartily recommended....

    1. Thank you. And I didn't know Stephen Fry wrote poetry! I'll have to look into it.


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