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Thursday, January 16, 2014

In keeping with my new years resolutions to take a portrait of Steele and I every month, here's Januarys. 

It was taken this past Sunday, right before the first playoff game that the Bronco's played. (Which we won against the Chargers, yay!) Football is something I never liked much growing up. I hated how loud the announcers were, and how a 12 minute quarter took a million real time minutes and how pointless all the rules were. I would go around telling everyone my favorite team was the Raiders just to piss off my dad. 

I don't think I even started liking it until a few years ago when I began watching the games with Steele. It's good to invest time into the things your significant person enjoys. Even if it's not your cup of tea at first. It brings you closer together. (Not to say you shouldn't have your own hobbies and interests.) 

I still hate how loud the announcers are, it still baffles me how many time outs there are, and I have to ask Steele about a million times what rule means what. It took me ages to figure out what a first down even meant. But the thing about organized sports is how they draw you in. Even when we're not the ones playing, we get competitive. And I suppose it's also a matter of pride. Something about the way you refer to your team as "we." Like you're actually a part of the team and not sitting on the couch. 

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