winter adventure no. 1: our six year anniversary

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Adventure No. 1 was going to Lake Trillium on our six year anniversary. We decided to do it the night before, Steele sitting on the couch and me perched at the desk. We had a full tank of gas and I was decked out in new boots.

To be honest, I think my favorite part of adventures like this is the drive to and the drive from. There's just something so nice about the open road, forward motion, and the abstract notion that the only thing that exists is what's in front of you.

Really the biggest adventure of my life has been this six year long relationship. Learning to be with someone never really ends, but I am thankful everyday for the sweetness it brings into my life. I've found love to be like a shell--sometimes it grows off of you and falls away, but in my experience another shell always grows up and replaces it. It may have different strong points and different weak spots, but the love I have with Steele is always something tender and something I cherish.

(Also the song is off Typoon's newest album, White Lighter, which is amazing and has been playing on my drive home from work almost 100% of the time.)


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  1. Beautiful as always. I really like your love and shell analogy. It makes me think of hermit crabs,and how they're constantly outgrowing and changing their shells. When I was little I used to beg to buy one almost every year at the beach, and I never was able to see them in their naked form, transitioning from shell to shell. Somehow, I'd always wake one morning to find them magically in their new little home,which that sounds a lot like love to me too.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad that analogy made sense, I wasn't positive it would. And I love yours about suddenly discovering hermit crabs with their new shells. Definitely sounds like love to me. Maybe I'll do an extended post on this…

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Love is such a beautiful thing. I never thought I could be in a relationship so long, and Dave and I have been together 8 years. It ebbs and flows, but there is something so incredible about having your best friend with you for so long. Learning and growing together, as well as continually learning new things about each other. It's quite magical.


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