Monday, March 10, 2014

Hi guys.

So, here we are on my blog. It's like my own little universe. Except, it is just one tiny part of a much bigger universe. A universe full of other blogs. Here are some I like a lot:


Elephantine is possibly my favorite blog of all time. It is simple and not overloaded with information. Sometimes there are recipes, sometimes there are flowers, sometimes there are photos. There are usually stories, in the form of Fiction Friday, one of the best blog series on the internet. Her stories are captivating, small and sweet. 

The Blue Hour is a photo blog by Brian W Ferry. His images are light studies that cut straight to the case. His editorial work is a big inspiration if you're a photographer who doesn't want to compromise a simple and honest visual style. He sometimes includes links to very interesting content at the bottom. 

AC O'BRIEN is a blog I've already written about, but I wanted to say it again. A lovely blog written by a friend of a friend. It reminds me a bit of Elephantine, a little nibble of everything. I never know quite what I'm going to get, but I know it will be lovely. (This is is my favorite post, side note.)

Sprouted Kitchen is the best food blog out there, written by Sara Forte and photographed by her husband Hugh. Although I may be guilty of bookmarking her recipes for later and never getting around to making them, her writing is wonderful and her husbands photography is stunning. Somehow they never make me feel like I'm looking at a "perfect" vision of a meal.

And lastly, one of the big guns, Hey Natalie Jean. I sort of feel like I'm on a first name basis with Natalie, even though we've never met. Her posts are everything I want in a blog: funny, heartfelt, human, insecure, gut-wrenching. She's figuring things out all right. (This is a wonderful post to start with.) She's worth all the hype, I promise.


Use this comment section below to tell me some of your blogs? Especially the ones that make you feel glad for being a human?

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