debt owed: missing payments

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I just missed my first student loan payment.

To be fair, I looked down at my phone. I had a text from Mad. I saw the date was March 13th. March 13th. 13th. 13th. 13th. My payments are due on the 13th.

My heart dropped a little bit, because I was almost late. I logged onto the website and typed in my name and my password and confirmed my social security code and my birthday and there it was sitting for me: loans overdue. Double balance.

So then my heart dropped all the way into my stomach and pushed outward, like I had a big hole in my middle. I frantically transferred some extra money into my account so that I could pay it (And thankfully, at this point in my life, I have that ability.) Then I started reading some of the FAQs, which I generally avoid, to see what this could mean going forward. Apparently when you miss a payment your account becomes delinquent. I'm not sure it that's a permanent thing. So I fired off a (probably too long and rambly) email to the Sallie Mae customer service. And we'll see.

Somehow the idea of my account being labeled delinquent makes me more sick and worried than parting with $700+

I don't want to be labeled delinquent. I want to be the kind of person who makes her payments on time, and allows for the 2 days of processing. And who doesn't wait until the last minute. The silly thing is that I was allowing for that $360 to leave my account weeks ago. I knew it was going to happen. But I waited until the day of because who wants to have almost $400 siphoned out of their account willingly?

Well. I think from now on I will be making my loan payment on the first of the month right along with rent.


This series is (obviously) not a perfect view of how to deal with your student loans. It's my documentation of my own experience with it. 

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