evening tea

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I like how this blog title makes it seem like evening tea is a ritual of ours. Really, this is maybe the first time we've ever had tea at dusk. For whatever reason I put the kettle on as we were making dinner and the feeling of holding a hot mug in the crisp evening air was so wonderful and grounding that I wanted to capture us, in that moment. (Side note on my New Years Resolution--I am going to continue shooting a portrait of Steele and I every month. I have really enjoyed them and I know looking back on them will make me happy. However, I am going to stop labeling them 1/12, 2/12, etc. The expectation drives me crazy and takes away from the point of taking the portrait--it's not to fulfill my resolution, it's because I want to do it! Having those first few numbered titles that won't make sense anymore sort of irks me, but, such is life.)

The past few weeks Steele and I haven't really gotten to spend too much time together. Obviously, we live with each other. But my brother and dad were in town. (Which was awesome!) but cut into our time, and then I was sick for a few days, and our evening schedules don't usually match up. Sometimes I fall into bed and realize I haven't been taking deep breathes, and that I haven't really looked into Steele's eyes 100%. I don't want to be on autopilot (in any part of my life, really, not just this.) 

There was this moment when I was sick, and I was sitting out on the porch cause it was just so incredibly nice and sunny. (It has since reverted to rain and clouds.) And Steele came home form work and crouched down next to me to say hi, and the light was really clear on his freckly face and it sort of hit me: I'm dating Steele Walston. Like, really dating. Like six and a half years dating. My high-school self would be so shocked. I just sort of remembered: there was that time in my life when I wasn't dating this freckly guy with the long eyelashes and busy eyebrows. And it just made me treasure him all the more. 

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