being the captain

Friday, June 6, 2014

It's almost midnight and I'm up editing photos. 

My eyes are drying out, the coffee in my cup has cooled, and I can feel that pressing from the inside of my skull that means it's time to lay down. Even so, it feels good to be in control of this computer. (A desktop at Newspace, not my tiny 13" MacBook) It feels like being in command of a ship I know how to sail. Just the constant rumbling of the background music, and the slow click through an enlarged image as I remove dust (something I've sorely neglected in my own "practice" lately, but these images are getting ready for print, hence the late night.)

It's a nice feeling to be good at something. To know little things and see little echoes of your past selves in a single action. 

I bet you guys didn't think Photoshop could get to metaphorical ;)

Here's to enjoying being the captain of our own ships. 

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