our messy house

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Today I was mixing up the tiniest batch of cookies, looking around my kitchen, wondering what to blog about. (I'm trying to be on my one-a-day game here) And I kept looking. And started thinking about how I needed to make the bed. And clean the kitchen. And definitely clean the bathroom.

So instead I decided to photograph everything in it's natural state. Because real life is not always as beautiful as cleaned up and spruced up life. Just incase anyone needed a reminder. Clothes get draped over (not into) hampers. Beds go unmade. Dishes sit in the sink and don't get put away when they're clean. Drawers get pulled out, and bags get left on chairs where they don't belong. And the french press never gets cleaned.

But the keyword in the title of this post is ours. This is our house, and that alone is enough to make it a sanctuary. Even when it's messy and cluttered. Even when it needs a sweep and a scrub and there's some holes in the wall to patch. Even when I can never manage to do the dishes in the sink.

I'm grateful to have it. And now I'm off to clean that bathroom ;)

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  1. Your dirty house is still more beautiful than mine!


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