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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last June, right around this time, Steele, Ali and I took a road trip back to Colorado. I impulsively decided to shoot video footage and compile a little video. The next month we went on our Europe trip and I made another small video. I really enjoyed having them and made the decision to continue making a monthly video for the rest of the year. And while they're not exactly adventures (Keeping with the "adventure" title was more for continuity) they still make me happy. Although we could argue that life is a big adventure. 

Some of the months are obviously shorter. There were definitely periods of time when I wasn't as inspired to shoot, but looking back I'm so glad I've got even a small video for each month. 

My goal for the future of this little project is to spend more time on putting together a coherent video. Instead of a video every month, I'm going to make one per season, but put more planning into it. I would love to shoot with a real camera (i.e., not my iPhone, which is what the past years videos have been shot with.) But that kind of hinges on getting funds to buy a new camera, or finding someone who will let me borrow theirs. 

It may be kind of strange that the year for these videos will start in June, but I think it's fitting. Summer is a season of change, of new inspirations. (And adventures!) So, below are all the videos from the past year laid out in one place. (Just incase you want to binge watch ;) And here's to a new year! 

Summer Adventure No. 1
June 2013
From Oregon to Colorado
Music : 'Used to Be' Beach House

Summer Adventure No. 2
July 2013
Music : 'Amsterdam' Daughter

Summer Adventure No. 3
August 2013
Portland, OR
Music : 'Long Haul' Voxtrot

Fall Adventure No. 1
September 2013
Portland, OR
Music : 'Sea Stones' Small Sur

Fall Adventure No. 2
October 2013
Portland, OR
Music : 'On the Esplanade'  Julian Plenti

Fall Adventure No. 3
November 2013
Portland, OR (+ Lake Oswego!)
Music : 'L.A. Beach' Radiation City

Winter Adventure No. 1
December 2013
Portland, OR to Trillium Lake
Music : 'Mortons Fork' Typhoon

Winter Adventure No. 2
January 2014
Portland, OR
Music : 'Half Light I' Arcade Fire

Winter Adventure No. 3
February 2014 (This one is mislabeled in the video as February 2013)
Portland, OR
Music : 'Holland' Sufjan Stevens

Spring Adventure No. 1
March 2014
Portland, OR
Music : 'Overnight' Chilly Gonzales

Spring Adventure No. 2
April 2014
Portland, OR to Guemes Island, WA
Music : 'Silver Hands' Alamedas

Spring Adventure No. 3
May 2014
Portland, OR (+ the Oregon coast!)
Music : 'It's Real' Wild Ones

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