a tiny weaving

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tiny little weaving completed over the course of a few nights while Steele was gone. There may have been a House marathon playing (on my Netflix account...) and a bottle of rosé opened and emptied. There may have been much squinting in my dim living room (I refuse to turn on the overhead light.) There may have been roving fluff everywhere, bits of yarn tucked deep in the couch cushions. 

And at the end there was this tiny weaving. The first technically strong weaving I've made. (Though I love the others equally, they were a little sloppy.) I like where this is headed. 

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  1. We are strangely Netflix soul-sisters (no surprise there). From SVU a few months ago to House right now, if I don't have a formulaic show in my life I feel lost.


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