reality bites. or, word dump.

Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm sitting at my desk with a cup of luke-warm coffee to my right, and a giant box of Kix to my left. Just finished watching (re-watching, for the millionth time) Realty Bites.

In which I found: It is still my soul movie. 

And then read a jezebel article in which was said: Reality Bites is the stupidest movie on the planet and it's full of a-holes. 

Lets see.

Sort-of trying
Can't define irony on the spot
Pretty damn pretentious
Wearing all the wrong clothes
Finding ways to just survive
Sort of floppy hair
That's sort of greasy
Pizza for every meal
Making $400/week

Yeah that sounds about right. As one the author of one of my favorite blogs, Edibles, says:

"The quarter life crisis is real, people.
College is over.
 You're in a land of pseudo-adulthood where
you own dishes that aren't plastic 
and could probably tie a tie if you had to,
but you still eat boxed macaroni and cheese for breakfast sometimes."

Please, please go visit her blog. If you need a laugh. And by laugh I mean, if you need to not feel like you're totally alone in the weird land of pseudo-adulthood.

To conclude, here is a (webcam) picture of me and it's saying: class A a-hole, slogging through her 20's. 


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