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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Oh no. I broke my one-a-day streak. That's okay. Because it is Sunday, and because I like them, here is a list:

> Steele is out of town this weekend until Wednesday.
> Which means, peanut butter.
> Also that I made an herb garden. Most likely would have been much easier if he was here, but I get satisfaction out of knowing I did it myself.
> I have a few library books that are overdue, but returning un-read library books is the worst.
> It always makes me feel stupid.
> I've been working quite a bit at the Flower Shop. Which has been good and tiring.
> My body's not used to being on it's feet all day. It's gotten used to sitting at a desk.
> But it's learning again.
> Also!

I must digress from the list to tell a story. So, Steele was sick and I bought him popsicles. Which awakened a craving for popsicles at all hours of the day. I decided that we should get a popsicle mold and make our own, but the Fred Meyer didn't have any good ones, so I procrastinated. Then, yesterday, I went to Kitchen Kaboodle (yes, that is an actual store) and they only had extremely expensive fancy popsicle molds. Which is stupid, if you ask me, but what do I know. Anyways. I was on Broadway, only a few blocks away from the Goodwill. So I decided, why not go to the Goodwill, they may have one? It's a long shot? But I love to wander the aisles of a Goodwill. So I went. And I was in that crazy aisle with all of the kitchen appliances, thinking that I would never find a popsicle mold, when I saw one! Magic! $2.99!

>End story!
> Lastly, it was the fourth of July recently, which means that I got to see some fireworks from very far away, and also some happened to explode right above me. Sort of an apocalypse type thing/a wonderful type thing.
> Okay, here's some pictures from recently:

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